Friday, September 21, 2007

Posting about class

こんにちわ、 このしゅくだいはちょっとむずかし。 どしお? ええええと。。。 にほんごのクラスはおもしろい。 わたしは けいごが ぜんぜん わからへん、と まえからいままで、にほんごがべにょうしません、だから わたしのにほんごはちょっと へん。。。so the chance to study normal japanese is important for me.


yukki said...

Your Japanese isn't strange! You just speak a variation, like I do. It's just that you need to learn which variation to speak depending on the situation. It's good to know, though, that you aren't satisfied with Kansai ben and appreciate the opportunity to learn more formal style. でも、わたしは、かんさいべんがむっちゃすきやけどね。

エディー said...

HAHAHA i can speak Busan Korean which is thick souther accent in English...people would make fun of my accet if i were to speak it in seoul...fortunately though since my mom is from seoul, she taught me the proper korean so i can switch back and forth!
anway, 缶ばれ!!(is that right? im not so sure -_-;;)