Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Good Blog/Bad Blog

このしもんはちょっとむずかし。"Good Blog" vs. "Bad Blog"は あまりしらん。 ええええと。 

I guess maybe a good blog should make a gradual transition to using more Japanese. How can we judge that? it's kinda difficult. some people can already use kanji, so should their blogging become even more literate? well, maybe, but how much more kanji will we learn this semester than those people already know? But i guess "progress" is the best factor to judge by for grading the blog assignment.

also, things like regularity of posts, responsiveness to comments, regularity of comments to other blogs should be considered as well.

じゃ おわり。 またあした


エディー said...

hahaha! i don't know kanji..when i type them my computer automatically changes them into kanji...it's true i can recognize a few (because it was mandatory for me to learn traditional chinese at my elementary school in korea..but other than that i really have no clue)

is my computer the only that does this??

ダニエル said...

no, mine does it too, but there's sometimes multiple choices, and i don't know which one to choose!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I should email my girlfriend about this.