Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Good Blog/Bad Blog

このしもんはちょっとむずかし。"Good Blog" vs. "Bad Blog"は あまりしらん。 ええええと。 

I guess maybe a good blog should make a gradual transition to using more Japanese. How can we judge that? it's kinda difficult. some people can already use kanji, so should their blogging become even more literate? well, maybe, but how much more kanji will we learn this semester than those people already know? But i guess "progress" is the best factor to judge by for grading the blog assignment.

also, things like regularity of posts, responsiveness to comments, regularity of comments to other blogs should be considered as well.

じゃ おわり。 またあした

Friday, September 21, 2007

Posting about class

こんにちわ、 このしゅくだいはちょっとむずかし。 どしお? ええええと。。。 にほんごのクラスはおもしろい。 わたしは けいごが ぜんぜん わからへん、と まえからいままで、にほんごがべにょうしません、だから わたしのにほんごはちょっと へん。。。so the chance to study normal japanese is important for me.

Friday, September 14, 2007


ちょとむずかしそ やろ? Carrying all that おこのみやき on the subway. めんどくさいね? also, i don't have a hotplate. でも、おこのみやきやをみた、 イーストヴィラギで。 たぶん サイントマークスプレス。 あそこにいきたい! 

Thursday, September 13, 2007

おこのみやき パーチ

well, all my okonomiyaki pictures were on film (ダイノサール みたい やろ?) so i can't show them, but i can cook okonomiyaki. so one day let's cancel class and have an おこのみやき パーチ!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


おおさかは めちゃくちゃ いい でした!! おおさかの たべものは いちばん うまい。おこのみやき と たこやきは すごく うまい。 もんじゃやき (かんとうの おこのみやき) は あまり おいしくない。

Fukai-sensei asked how was osaka, so i respond above that osaka was sooper good. osaka's food is the best, and okonomiyaki and takoyaki are soooo tasty. monjyayaki (kanto's okonomiyaki) is sort of not so tasty.


みなさん こんにちわ。わたしは Daniel De Simone. (クラス で デシモーヌ)。 えーーーーーと。 テキサス から きました。 だいがくいんせです。 That's about that. I lived in Japan for about 3 years, but I was working there, not studying. So the Japanese i know is all informal and mostly useless for class or boardrooms. Anyhoo, gotsta run. じゃあ またね