Thursday, October 18, 2007

Adjective Blog

わたしのちゅごくのせいじのクラスはめちゃめちゃむずかしです。 まいしゅうほんとかアルチクルをいっぱいよみます。 クウィズはいつもとてもむずかしです。レクチャはあまりおもしろくないです。 でもヂスカシャンセクシャンはおもしろいです。 ヂスカシャンのせんせいはとてもしんせつです。 じゃがんばります!


yukki said...


plow7010 said...


Hey! It's Takashi. :D
You've kept your blog written in Japanese, huh? Sounds great.
Chinese politics?? It seems to be difficult. Anyway, stick to it. :)
I've just added your blog into my RSS reader. So I often visit your space. Please come to my blog once in a while. Take care!

Should I post my comments here only in Japanese?

ダニエル said...

you can post in japanese or english. since this is a first year class, it's good that you wrote english and japanese. kanji is difficult, but we use a tool called rikaichan, that is a mozilla firefox add-on, where we can highlight kanji and get the meaning. anyway, thanks for visiting my blog takashi, and for writing a comment! i still visit your blog a couple times a week, but i usually don't write comments, but i'll start leaving comments again. by the way, if anyone wants to visit my friend takashi's english blog, here is the address:

Masumi said...

ダニエルさん、ブログを読みました。日本語、がんばっていますね!私の生徒にも、ダニエルさんのように日本語のブログを書かせたいです!しゅくだいをてつだうのはいけないかもしれませんが、時々、むずかしいきじ(アーティクル)があったら、メールでしらせてください。生徒たちは、今でもダニエルさんのことをよくおぼえていて、Mr. D was SO cool!! といっていますよ。They miss you a lot! それでは、べんきょう、たいへんだと思いますが、がんばってくださいね。真澄より

Anonymous said...

when next blog? im looking forward to reading.

maki yori

ダニエル said...

hmm, not too sure, but i guess soon, because my teacher will get mad if i don't! good to hear from you maki! send me an email sometime!

Anonymous said...

mm... nice thoughts.

Anonymous said...

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