Saturday, December 8, 2007

Japanese Class

This class was really good I reckon. We learned a lot and the pace seemed to work well up until the end. My only problem is that i wish we had more practice time. we learn a lot of new structures and vocabulary every week, but we don't get to spend as much time building on what we learn week to week in conversation practice. usually our language production is only for very short conversations, but then in our oral interview, i found that we could hold conversations for a long time without trouble. i know that there isn't so much time, but if we could spend one class a week or every two weeks on conversation practice, i think that would be very helpful. the only problem is time limitations...


yukki said...

コメントをどうもありがとうございます。m(_ _)m

I often find it difficult to incorporate and expand what we've learned in an activity because there are so much things we can do! In addition, there are a lot to cover, and when I think about exams, assignments, and coordination with other sections, it seems as if we didn't have enough time. But I must admit that they shouldn't be excuses, as I do believe we learn a language for communication, not for exams.

It's going to be tough to fit everything in since we're going to cover 18 lessons (4 more than this semester), but I plan to have at least 10 minutes for a conversation practice on Mondays and/or Thursdays next semester. What do you think?

ダニエル said...

i think that that's a very good idea. time, i think is a very good excuse. there's a lot of material and only one hour per day, so time is very short. i think also i am very ambitious. i want to speak perfectly right now! hahaha. but that's the reason i want to go to PII, so i can learn and practice all day everyday. i think that our class is very good, and i've learned A LOT, but, as you know, i want to know more and speak more. i guess i'm impatient...

Yukitoshi said...

ダニエル まいど!



plow7010 said...


それとプライベートVOICEを毎週開催してます。こういう場所を自分で作るのって、楽しいよね。自分のためにもなるし、困っている先生のためにもなる。That's a way of killing two birds with one stone!(一石二鳥)やね!(^^♪


plow7010 said...
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